The proposed RiverArc Project will benefit our region in many ways. The primary benefits include:

Water Supply Reliability

  • Helps offset demands on the American River with the integration of surplus Sacramento River water
  • Enhances groundwater sustainability through increased opportunities for conjunctive use, the coordinated use of groundwater and surface water, between agencies
  • Supports the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act goals

American River & Ecosystem Health

  • Reduces demands on the American River and Folsom Lake for a healthier environment and allows for lower water temperatures for native species

Operational Flexibility

  • Allows the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to change the operations schedule to accommodate different needs like water temperature, quality and demand

Water Quality

  • Replenishes low-quality groundwater supplies with treated Sacramento River water

Regional Water Banking

  • Provides groundwater sustainability using in-lieu banking and recharge by using surface water instead of pumping groundwater supplies allowing it to stay in the basin

How Regional Water Banking Works
Regional water banking means filling our groundwater basins during wet years, similar to how reservoirs are filled. During dry years, we will use the water to help offset surface water use and demands on the Lower American River and Folsom Lake.